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I was looking for affordable plumbing services, and my neighbour recommended this company. Their handymen are top-notch, and they are very affordable.

  • Devon Jones

Handyman Companies Richmond did a great job painting my living room. It was all sleek and professional.

  • A. Broad

I've used a lot of companies in the past but have never experienced handymen like those from Local Handyman Richmond. They were amazing, completed all jobs and worked their magic in no time at all.

  • H. Jenkins

Electrical work is dangerous and no one can convince me otherwise. That's why I prefer to have nothing to do with it and when there is an issue with the electrics at my house, I just bring in Handyman Services Richmond to resolve it. They have the skills and experience necessary for handling all such tasks successfully and I feel that with them my home is in safe hands.

  • Oscar Wells

Dealing with plumbing installations is not my specialty, so I hired a handyman from Local Handyman Richmond to handle the issue professionally. I wanted a permanent solution of the plumbing issues and that was exactly what I received. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the plumber, I don't have to worry about toilet or pipe leaks anymore. I have both old and new pipes at home and they have their own specific techniques for mounting/dismounting. The man knew how to deal with everything and he had the perfect tools for every specific type of pipe.

  • Rebecca Gavin

When I moved house I was desperate to turn it into a home, but painting is not my strong suit. Richmond Handyman Company offered me a good price for three rooms to be painted. It was done quickly and there were no problems with splatters, marks or brush hairs in the paint. The results were very good and my house looks very professionally painted. I am definitely pleased with the company!

  • Bernard D.

When I bought a new apartment, I moved there in quite the rush. As a result, a lot of the features inside experienced problems. To remedy all of this, I hired a handyman from Richmond Handyman to deal with it. That person proved to be a real specialist in his field and completed all of the odd jobs faster than expected. Now everything is in top working order!

  • Christopher Batten

Handyman Services Richmond helped remodel our kids' bathroom. It all started with the team coming to our house and giving us some brilliant ideas and a reasonable quote. It took them just two weeks to complete the entire work. We still have some redecorating to be done and are planning to call these guys. They are the perfect team to work with for any home refurbishment requirement, because they have brilliant ideas and can completely transform your house. Great work, will be calling you soon for the redecorating work.

  • Luke M.

When we needed an express handyman to help us out following a flood in our kitchen, we hired RichmondHandyman. They were prompt, efficient and very professional and I cannot fault the service they provided us with. They offered us a great price and the quality of the work they carried out was to a very high standard. Very impressed with them and have already got them coming back to help with other things around the home that I've not gotten round to!

  • Geoffrey Stone

I admit that I was hopeless when I got my new furniture. I struggled to put it together so that it would stay together, and with some pieces I didn't now were to begin. It felt like cheating to call Richmond Handyman Company and have them take care of my furniture assembly but I was at the end of my rope. They sent someone to help who put together by tables and chairs and made it look easy. This isn't my proudest moment but I at least know that there are people to help me the next time I buy any furniture.

  • Shaun Sweeney

The home refurbishment service that I received from Richmond Handyman was incredible. The price was excellent and the flexibility was really important to me as I have a pretty full schedule. The work was completed to a high standard, and I'm so proud of my improved home, I can't wait to show it off! Call them, I promise you, you won't regret it!

  • Tina Ridley

Handyman Services Richmond did a super fast furniture assembly of some wardrobes I had bought in a clearance sale. They came flat packed and as soon as we opened the various sized panels and bags of fixtures and fittings I knew we wouldn't be able to assemble everything. I had to hire help and was passed on the name of this company by a relative and got in touch. Luckily it was cheap to have the furniture assembled by this company. Thanks!

  • Madeline Sutton

Ten out of ten for the painting and decorating service! Handyman Services Richmond were cheap, reliable, trustworthy and did an amazing painting job in my living room. My front room looks totally different and looks light and airy and it's all thanks to their first class company!

  • Danni Williams

My office building has a regular visit from the handymen at Richmond Handyman Service as part of our regular office maintenance programme. The service includes any emergency visits they have to make to my property which is great peace of mind. I highly recommend this company for their professional handymen.

  • J. Tasker